Hammered Copper Top Dining Table / Console Table / Coffee Table / End Tables / Spanish Colonial Forged-iron Table Base

Rectangle, hand-hammered, Copper Table Top; 105" x 52" x 3" inch. Also included in this order: Copper Table Top Console Table; Copper Table Top End Tables; Copper Table Top Coffee Table,

This large 105” x 52” rectangle copper top dining table with matching end tables, console table and coffee table are truly exceptional works of art to behold. The colorful, natural fire and water copper table top tables paired with the old world, dramatic Amber forged iron base design are perfect for someone who wants to make their copper top tables a center stage design statement in their home. These copper top table designs compliment Tuscan, Mediterranean, Mexican and Spanish Colonial décor palettes.

CCW Design #112 — Click here for more information and views.

Round Hammered Copper Top Dining Table Overlaid on Wood, Pedestal Table Base

ROUND COPPER TOP DINING TABLE: Copper Table Top – 72 x 72 x 1.5 inches — overlaid on wood pedestal table base. This copper dining table design incorporates a wood apron for the copper top to nest on that accentuates the inviting earth colors of the copper table top.  The beauty is in the simplicity of the rustic design that compliments the earthy Spanish, ranch and/or western decors.

CCW #101 — Click here for more views and information.

Rectangle Copper Top Table mounted on Farmhouse Wood Table Base


FARMHOUSE, COPPER TOP DINING TABLE: Rectangle Copper Top Table — 72″L x 42″W x 2H” with 2″ side drop — mounted on Farmhouse Wood Table Base. This timeless copper dining table design allows for good legroom and compliments Spanish, ranch or western decors. It works well as a kitchen table in a smaller size, or dining room table in a larger size, the more massive, the better.

CCW Design #93 — Click here for more information and views.



Mexican hand-hammered copper comes from Santa Clara del Cobre in the state of Michoacan located in the P’urhépecha plateau area of Mexico. Copper has been worked in this area since the pre-Hispanic times. The P’urhépechas were the most advanced in metallurgy which is the reason they were never conquered by the Aztecs. Today, it is said that 10,000 hands work copper in Santa Clara. Statistically, over 80% of the 38,000 population work in the copper industry.

Santa Clara became the most important copper smelting area in New Spain; however, the mines were tapped out in the mid- 20th century. Today, 400,000 tons of used copper arrive in Santa Clara each week for smelting and production.

The following photos and commentary show the involved, hand process in the making of a copper table top.

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