Choose from variations of:

  •  Copper Natural Fire and Water patina

  •  Dark Brown and Dark / Light Brown

  • Chemically Created Boutique Patina Colors 

No two sheets of copper are the same and each sheet creates a unique combination of patterns and colors. We can match color tones, not the color patterns. The following samples give the fabricator something to shoot for.  When you specify a color sample,  tell us what you like about that particular patina / color selection. The clearer your image of what you want is defined in our mind, the better we are able to describe what you want to the copper fabricator. 

We offer HOT WAX  treatment. When the copper is heated and the protective wax applied, the colors are deepened. The copper oranges become more prominent and the reds are less dominant. (See 1003-60 San Miguel and 1010-64 Acapulco)

VIEWING INSTRUCTIONS: Click on image to view larger sample. For future reference, note the sample number, or name, where applicable. Include this information in your design modifications in the field provided on the Quote Form. The Quote Form is at the bottom of each Product Detail Page.

Chemically Created Boutique Copper Patinas - CABO SAN LUCAS

Chemically Created Boutique Copper Patinas - TULUM

Cobre with Plata Design - TAXCO

Hammered Brass - IZAMAL
Brass is a timeless metal that can add a touch of rustic elegance to any interior space. Seen as an alternative to copper, our matte brass, gota hammered finish is easy to care for and has excellent hard-wearing properties. Also offered are brass coasters and trays that compliment either brass or copper finishes.

Soaking Tub Copper Patinas


  • Copper Patina Color Options - Choose from variations of Copper Natural Fire and Water, Dark Brown and Dark / Light Brown, chemically created Boutique patina colors.
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  • Copper Hammer Textures and Patterns - Mexican recycled copper sheets are strengthened by hammering. Hammering can be specified as light, medium or heavy. Each showcased hammer pattern, created by a different hammer head, is unique. 

  • Wood Table Bases and Finish Options - Most table bases can be modified for round, rectangular, oval and square table tops. For wood bases, both stain and painted finishes can be specified.

  • Iron Table Bases and Finish Options - Iron Table Bases can be painted, stained or powder coated.