Our niche is custom copper work. The designs you see on the website started with a design-conscious individual wanting to customize a design they liked to their individual artistic sense and design palette. A photo was submitted for us to quote, or they would build by modifying an existing completed copper works design, using our expertise to assist in modifying the design to their liking. Because of the unique design options available and cost variables, our custom products require a current, custom price quote.

Quote Request

  • When you shop our products, you will notice that on each product detail page, there is an Formal Quote Request form at the bottom of each product detail page. Fill out the Quote Request form If you have an interest in the product. There is an Design Modification form field in the Quote Request form for you to specify your design modifications that differ from the showcased items. If you have your own design in mind, email us photos for a price quote including your design specifications. We will respond with a current price quote within 24 hours.

You can expect to pay between $2800 and $4000+ for most of the copper top dining tables. The larger the table top, the more intricate the table base design, the higher the price. Copper Bathtubs are $3000+ depending on size and style.

Copper Top Dining Table Design Options Include –

  • Copper table top size

  • Copper patina color tones

  • Copper hammer patterns

  • Wood table base with color selection

  • Iron table bases, powder coated or painted with color selection

  • Finished table height…. and more

Copper Bathtub Design Options Include –

  • Bathtub design

  • Bathtub size

  • Copper bathtub patina color tones

  • Copper Gauge

Our Value to YOU

  • Custom Copper Works is dedicated to excellence in design and fine craftsmanship. We collaborate and oversee the building process and quality workmanship from our nearby office location in Mexico. Quality is never sacrificed. The result is an outstanding completed work that meets or exceeds your expectations.  This is Our Value to YOU.

  • Custom Copper Works has been fulfilling custom copper furniture orders for happy customers — designers, furniture manufacturers and style-conscious individuals — since 2006.

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