Orders are combined into shipping groups and normally depart Mexico approximately every six to eight weeks.

Point of Origin / Point of Entry

Orders are shipped from Celaya, Gto., Mexico to Nuevo Laredo.  From NL, the shipments pass through US and Mexican customs and are delivered to our receiving warehouse in Laredo TX where the crates are inspected to make sure there is no damage. 

US Carrier Booking

When notification is received that the shipment has been delivered to our receiving warehouse in Laredo, the shipments are booked to final destination on a US carrier. We use a very good shipping broker out of Austin. She is able to give us excellent shipping rates, and she follows through and handles any problems that might arise. 

Shipping Estimates

US Shipping is estimated in the Formal Quote. If shipping is billed separately and it exceeds the Formal Quote estimated shipping, CCW pays the first 25%. 

Transit Time

When the shipping group departs Mexico, we allow seven to nine working days to unload into our Laredo TX receiving warehouse, and another two days to be picked up by the US carrier. US carrier service from Laredo to final destination generally takes two to seven business days to reach the US shipping terminal nearest you, depending on your location. Shipments to the northeast and northwest take the longest; shipments to TX, the southwest, midwest, and southeast move more quickly. When the shipment reaches the trucking terminal nearest you, you will be called to make a delivery appointment. Typically, this takes another two days.  Bottom line, we like to give three weeks from the time the shipment leaves Mexico to destination delivery.  When the US carrier is booked, we send you the Insurance Certificate and the Carrier Pro# so we can track the shipment in transit, and important delivery and receiving instructions. Our carrier insurance is 100% of retail value with the customer named as the loss payee.

 Delivery Service Options

The basic delivery service is curbside delivery which translates into in front of your mailbox. This is the most economical service if you have people to help you at delivery. Inside delivery into your garage is also offered as an upgrade. Typically, this service will cost about $115. Inside delivery offers the convenience of “no rush”. Once the crates are in your garage, you can uncrate the product ordered at your convenience and arrange for help in bringing it into your home. The delivery services that our carriers contract with do not offer White Glove Service because of insurance limitations, but most often there are options. Contact Us.

  • Terminal Pickup
    Terminal Pickup is an option if you want to save a little money and pick up the crates at the nearest local shipping terminal. 

  • Business Delivery Service with a Loading Dock
    … saves money in US carrier charges.  If you have the shipment delivered to a local furniture moving service, they usually offer white glove service. This is the most expensive delivery service. 

  • Long-haul Service
    … is available for round and square table tops that are larger than 90” in diameter, and large orders.

Note: The forklifts on the delivery service trucks will not always be able to off-load from the delivery truck without assistance on larger table tops. When you are called to make the delivery appointment, we suggest you ask if the driver will need help in unloading. Customers whose crates are unusually large arrange to have help on site when the delivery appointment is set up.

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